Norwood Police need help identifying suspects involved in a shoplifting offense


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10-24-2014_085933.mov_0002 copyNorwood Police need help identifying 4 suspects involved in a shoplifting offense at the CVS Parmacy located at 5229 Montgomery Rd. On 10/07/2014 these four suspect selected $350 dollars of electronic items. Items are concealed in the pockets and clothing of the two male white subjects. A male black suspect places items in a red basket and then places the basket on the floor in the rear of aisle 1. A second male black suspect then places the items from the basket in to a black back pack. All four suspects then pass all points of sale exiting the business without paying.

Any information please contact Crimestoppers 513-351-3040 or the Norwood Police Division 513-458-4521.

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