Northside Triple Shooting

On 29 July 2017 at approximately 10:24 PM District Five Police responded to Knowlton’s Tavern located at 1326  Knowlton Avenue for a  report of multiple people shot.  All victims were transported to University Hospital in serious condition. 

District Five investigators responded to the scene and were able to obtain a  video copy of the incident.  The video shows a black male dressed in all black clothing  with the hoodie tied tight over his face.  The suspect ran to the corner of Knowlton and Chambers and began to fire at multiple people who were standing outside of the bar.  The suspect ran in an eastbound direction on Knowlton Street towards Hamilton Avenue.

If you have any information regarding this shooting notify Crime Stoppers at 352-340 or Detective Tracy Jones at District Five Police at 513-569-8581.


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