James L Brooks

James L Brooks, M/B. DOB 06/29/1978 is a convicted sex offender and is wanted by

the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office for Failure to Register. 

Any information on this suspect, please immediately contact:


Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office Registration Office at (513) 946-5388 Or

CRIME STOPPERS at 352-3040

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2 Responses

  1. James Brooks says:

    This is James BROOKS. I informed your office by certified mail dated August 22,2018 that i relocated back west. August 24,2018 i called and spoke with Margaret. I first inquired about a very seriuos error she submitted on my registration paperwork, in which she listed the ymca located on 1105 elm street as my HOME. She quickly replied by telling me to come in so she can fix it. That is when a notified her of my relocation and also notified her of the certifeid mail sent two days prior. I then continued on and reminded Margaret that made it clear to her that i was homeless when i came in to register. Margarat then informed me that she needed some type of location such as srreet corner or park to put down. Thats when i informed her that in the past i register close to areas where a 24hr fitness centers are in order to have access to showers. She then informed me that there werent 24 hr fitness centers in Cincinnati, and she proceeded to search her computer for near by fitness centers and SHE INFORMED ME OF THE YMCA ON ELM STREET. I told her i would be in that area until i made more perminant arrangements with local family members. I was unaware that Margaret typed in the ymca as my home once my appointment was finished.. i believe the error made was intentional. Margarat made a coment during my interveiw in which she stated dont mess up here, cause were not as nice as las vegas. Referring to the city i arrived from. Also have 3 saved voicemales of margerat leaving threatening messages. Upon ending the conversation informed her i would be registering with my local agency and then wished good luck, and she rudely hung up without saying anything. On th 30 of August i reported to my local agency, and was given 10 days not including the weekend and labor day i was informed to try and locate a permanent residence to register, along with the deputues business card. Imneadiately i called your station and asked to speak to a supervisor to informed of my status. Margerat then answered, i asked her to speak with her suoervisor and she transfererd me to him. I informed him of what was happening. We then hung up. I have not failed to register and my phone number is still the same if you need to contact me about my whereabouts. 909 837 1707. Thursday September 13 2018 is my deadline to registar. James Brooks

    • Antoinette Meatchem says:

      Mr. Brooks,

      You should contact the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office, Registration Office at (513)-946-5388 to inform the Sheriff’s Office of your whereabouts.

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