Glendale Police Bank Fraud Investigation

On Wednesday June 18, 2014 around 12:17 an unknown female black subject entered the 5/3 Bank located in Glendale, Ohio and presented a District of Columbia driver’s license.  The subject filled out 2 withdrawal slips both in the amount of 1,500.00 when the subject approached the teller to make the withdrawals she showed the District of Columbia driver’s license and asked to make a withdrawal but didn’t have the account numbers the teller looked her up by her name and this unknown subject made off with 3,000.00 dollars that didn’t belong to her using a fake ID.

The Glendale Police Department would like Crime Stoppers help in putting a name to the face in the attached pictures.



Glendale fraud2 Glendale Fraud3 Glendale Fraud4 Glendale Fraud1


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