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Felonious Assault Shooting in Lockland, OH -Information Needed

 ** $2,000 Reward for the identity and arrests of the suspects **

On December 14th at approximately 12:05 am the victim was standing outside of Wolfman’s Tavern located at 205 Mill St. The victim was outside the bar smoking a cigarette when he was approached by two black males from different directions. The first asked him “what are you looking at.” The victim stated he did not want any trouble and began to enter the bar when second suspect pulled a weapon and fired one shot, striking the victim in the abdomen cause critical injuries. Both suspects fled south from the establishment on foot. Suspect # 1 was a male black in a dark hoodie. Suspect #2 was a male black in a black hoodie with some type of graphic or image on it and he had an Afro. Both suspects were believed to be in their late teens to early twenties. 

Anyone with information about this incident, please call Lockland Police Department at 513-761-1699 (Sergeant Godbey) or Crime Stoppers at 513-352-3040