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District Three Investigative Unit

The Cincinnati Police Department is attempting to Identify a suspect wanted for the investigation of a felony theft offense that occurred on 7/13/19 at 1968 Harrison avenue at the Harrison Avenue Market. The suspect is described as a white male, 5’6” to 5’8”, 160 to 170 lbs, with a goatee and numerous tattoos on his arms, legs and shoulders. The suspect walks with a limp and was wearing a blue tank top, white shorts with a blue design, and a black ball cap. The suspect was operating a Grey minivan with white paint on both rear doors. The suspects van bears the license plate DGC-9588 which was reported stolen on 7/1/19 .
If anyone has information on the identity of this suspect please call Crime stoppers at 352-3040 or visit the Crime stoppers website at