Fairfax Police Department Investigate a Theft from Elderly Victim

WalmartSuspect 1 #3 WalmartSuspect 1 diffrent outfit #2 WalmartSuspect 1

An elderly subject advised that when she went into Walmart, located at 4000 Red Bank Rd. in Fairfax  she placed her purse on the bottom of the shopping cart and when she went to pay the wallet was missing from her purse.  An unknown black male stopped her, while near the shoe department and asked for her advice on shoes. She believes while she was distracted  her wallet was taken at this point. Complainant contacted her bank as soon as she got back home and was told that her card was used at North face ($400.00) and Microsoft ($1000.00).


Possible suspects were observed leaving Walmart without making a purchase, and the same subjects were using the victims credit card at North Face and Microsoft in Kenwood Towne Center.

Subjects change clothes and reenter the stores multiple times making or attempting to make a purchase.


If anyone can identify Suspects please contact Fairfax Police Department Sgt. Naticchioni (513) 272-9982

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