Edgewood PD, Edgewood KY – Theft from vehicle/Fraud Use of Credit Card

Edgwblack vehicle copy (2)

EDWmale suspect 2 copy

Edwtank top suspect 1 copy (2)

EDWtank top suspect 2 copyOn 7/11/2015 at approximately 1645 hours, a M/W (male wearing the tank top in the photos) arrived at the St. Elizabeth Hospital parking lot in a red vehicle driven by a female, initially wearing a purple t-shirt – Suspect 1. The male exited the red vehicle and got into the passenger side of a black Chrysler 300 rental car driven by a M/W (male wearing black shirt) – Suspect 2. The two suspects cased the hospital parking lot areas for approximately one hour before finding a brick and throwing it through one of the parked vehicle’s windows causing over $2000.00 worth of damage. Prior to breaking the window, however, Suspect 1 entered the hospital and changed out of the t-shirt he arrived in and into the tank top seen in the photos. Suspect 1 then stole the owner’s purse left inside the vehicle and fled the area. Within 10 minutes of the theft, Suspect 2 spent over $4000.00 at various retail stores in the Kenton/Boone area purchasing approximately eight (8) Playstation units. Please call Kenton County Dispatch at 859-356-3191 to speak to an Edgewood Police officer if you have any information or leads on the identities of these two suspects.

Suspect 1
Wearing colorful tank top and grey pants
Blonde/Brown hair
Arrived in red vehicle as passenger wearing purple colored t-shirt, female driver dropped him off

Suspect 2******** (already been identified)
Wearing black polo shirt and jeans
Brown buzzed hair
Arrived in black Chrysler 300 as driver, left the scene with suspect 1 in same vehicle

IF anyone has information on this offense, please call Edgewood Police Dept. 859-331-5911 or call Crimestoppers.

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