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$ Cash for Clues $

Heather Ehling was indicted for Felony Probation Violation. Ehling was originally charged with Theft from a Person in a Protected Class. Heather Ehling is a white female, 32 years old, 5’09” and 150 lbs. Ehling criminal history includes theft and drug related charges, and she was last known to live in the 2400 block of Reading Road in Mt. Auburn.

$$ Cash for Clues $$

Brooks Crockett is wanted for Aggravated Burglary where Crockett is accused of kicking in the front door and punching the victim several times in the face. Brooks Crockett is a black male, 19 years old, 5’09” and 210 lbs. Crockett has a history of Domestic Violence, Assault, and Having Weapons Under Disability.  Brooks Crockett was last known to live on Casey Drive in Northside.

Cash for Clues

District Two Detectives is looking for Bernard Shamel for Felony Domestic Violence and Assault. Bernard Shamel is a black male, 55 years old, 5’03” and 140 lbs. Shamel has a history of Felonious Assaults, Domestic Violence and Weapons charges. Shamel was last known to live on Clarion Avenue in Evanston.   

Cash for Clues

Michael Morabito is wanted for Felony Taking the Identity of Another and Felony Theft where Morabito is accused of using fictitious ID to withdraw more than $3,200 from the victim’s bank account. Michael Morabito is a white male, 31 years old, 5’10” and 130 lbs. Morabito has a history of Theft and Drugs, and he was last known to live on Bishop Street in Corryville.

Terence Thomas is wanted for Felony Possession of Drugs and three misdemeanor warrants. Terence Thomas is a white male 29 years old, 5’11 and 195 lbs. Thomas has a history of Drugs, Thefts and Burglaries and he was last known to live in North Bend Ohio.

If you have information on where police can find Terence Thomas, call Crimestoppers at 513-353-3040


Cincinnati District 5 Police are looking for Fredy Pinilla for Felony Breaking and Entering where Pinilla is accused of entering a local business and removing property without the owner’s permission. Investigators say Pinilla left his DNA at the crimes scene.  Fredy Fernando Pinilla is a white male, 48 years old, 5’09”, 210 lbs. Pinilla’s criminal history includes theft charges, and he was last known to live on Blueberry Drive in Liberty Township, Ohio. 

Quentario Dye is wanted for Felony Theft and Obstructing Official Business; accused of taking the victim’s property from the trunk of an unlocked vehicle that was parked at the fitness center parking lot.  Quentario Dye is a black male 18 years old, 5’8 and 175 lbs. Quentario Dye has a history of Theft and was last known to live on State Street in Price Hill.

Louis Hutchinson is wanted for Breaking and Entering accused of Breaking into the Glenway market and taking a laptop computer. Louis Hutchinson is a black male 36, 6’0 and 145 lbs. Hutchinson has a history of Burglary and Drugs and was last known to live on Beech Ave in Price Hill.
 If anyone has any information on where police can find Louis Hutchinson please call Crime Stoppers at 352-3040