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$ Cash for Clues $

District Three police is looking for Dennis Grzanke, wanted for Felony Misuse of a Credit Card and Receiving Stolen Property. Dennis Grzanke is a white male, 45 years old, 5’11” and 180 lbs. Grzanke Dennis has a history of Felonious Assault and Escape and was last known to live on Blue Rock Road in White Oak.

Eric Powell is wanted for Misdemeanor Domestic Violence and Felonious Assault, where Powell is accused of striking the victim several times with a gun in the head until the victim lost consciousness. The victim also reported Powell punched and kicked her several times causing serious injuries. Eric Lee Powell is a black male, 31 years old, 6’03” and 261 lbs. Powell’s prior history includes Domestic Violence charges, and he was last known to live in the 500 block of Dutch Colony Drive in Winton Hills.

Brian Whisenant was indicted for Felony Probation Violation. Whisenant was originally convicted of Aggravated Possession of Heroin. Brian Whisenant is a white male, 46 years old, 6’00” and 200 lbs. His lengthy history includes Breaking and Entering, Felonious Assault, and multiple theft, drug, and alcohol-related charges. Whisenant was last known to live on Mills Avenue in Norwood, Ohio.

Johsodd Hall is wanted for two counts of Felony Trafficking in Drugs and Felony Having Weapons while under Disability. Johsodd Hall is a black male, 25 years old, 6’00” and 170 lbs. Johsodd has a history of Aggravated Armed Robbery, Falsification, and drug and weapons charges. Hall was last known to live in the 1800 block of Fairmount Avenue in the Fairmount.

Mary Vollrath was indicted for Felony Probation Violation. Vollrath was originally convicted of Aggravated Possession of Drugs and Possession of Heroin. Mary Nicole Vollrath is a white female, 34 years old, 5’05” and 120 lbs. Vollrath has a history of multiple drug and theft-related charges and was last known to live in the 3300 block of Queen City Avenue in Westwood.

Springfield Township Police are attempting to identify the pictured subject who broke into the Walgreens located at 8210 Winton Rd. on November 14, 2020. Once inside the store the pictured subject stole cigarettes.

If you can identify the subject, please contact Det. McBride at (513) 729-0003 Ext. 6127 or submit a tip through Crime Stoppers (513) 352-3040.


$ Cash for Clues $

Earl Sanders was indicted for Felony Possession of Cocaine and Possession of a Fentanyl-related compound. Sanders is also wanted for violating his probation, where he was convicted of Possession of Cocaine. Earl James Sanders is a white male, 36 years old, 5’08”, and 185 lbs. Sanders history includes multiple theft and drug-related charges, and he was last known to live on Quebec Road in the East Price Hill area.

$$ Cash for Clues $$

Several police agencies need your help in locating Jessica Bryant for multiple Felony Theft and Forgery charges. Bryant is accused of passing numerous fraudulent checks in multiple counties in Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, and Mississippi. Jessica Pearlette Bryant is a black female, 37 years old, 5’02”, and 264 lbs. Bryant is also wanted for Felony Probation Violation, where she was originally convicted of two counts of Theft. Her prior history in Ohio includes traffic-related charges, and she was last known to live on Southwestern Parkway in Louisville, Kentucky.

$$ Cash for Clues $$

District One Officers signed a Felony Escape charge on Audrey Phillips, who is also known as Audrey Laub. Audrey Phillips was refused at the justice center because of a pre-existing injury and was placed on a police-hold at University Hospital, where she fled to escape custody. Phillips is also wanted for violating her parole in Kentucky. Audrey Phillip is a white female, 44 years old, 5’04” and 130 lbs. Phillips has a history of Weapon and Drug charges and she is known to frequent the downtown area.

$ Cash for Clues $

Cincinnati Police District Three is looking for Andre Davenport for Felony Probation Violation and Felonious Assault, where Davenport is accused of striking the victim across the face with a porch baluster, causing serious physical injuries. Andre Davenport is a black male, 49 years old, 5’08”, and 255 lbs. Davenport’s prior history includes Trafficking, Passing Bad Checks, and Theft. Davenport was last known to live on Hillary Drive in the Colerain Township area.