Antique Brass Trains stolen in District Three Theft

d311-17-2014_104351 mov_0006

d311-17-2014_104351 mov_0007

D311-17-2014_104351 mov_0010 On 11/5/14 District 3 officers responded to 1026 Lockman Av. reference a B&E from the victims garage. Taken in the offense were 6 totes containing antique brass trains and other accessories totaling over $2500.00. The same day of the offense these 3 individuals were attempting to pawn these totes full of brass trains at Cash America on Glenway Av. and Don’s Hobby Shop on Glenway Av.

If anyone is able to help indentify these individuals please contact Det. Trabel at 263-8319.

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