Aggravated Robbery July 21, 2014 at 630 Ruth Lyons Alley

001.mov_0001-Ruth Lyons Robbery1

003 mov_0000Ruth Lyons Robbery2

003 mov_0001Ruth Lyons Robbery3The Cincinnati Police Department, Central Business Section is investigating an Aggravated Robbery that occurred on 7/21/2014 @ 9:30pm where the vicitm was robbed at gun point.

The offense occurred at 630 Ruth Lyons Alley and the suspects are described as 2 male black offenders, between the age of 17-22, 5’9, medium build, armed with a handgun. The suspects were both wearing either light blue or light green “polo” shirts during the attack and one of the suspects had a “plaid” shirt tied around his shoulder.

The offense occurred at 9:30pm and the suspects used the victims credit card to make a purchase 17 minutes later at 9:47pm. The suspect changed his shirt and was wearing a “LA Dodger” royal blue shirt when he used the victims credit card. The suspect was wearing a backpack on his chest during the attack and in the store video you will see the backpack is now on his back. The backpack appears to be charcoal gray and orange in color with a white tag hanging from the zipper.

Police need your help and are asking that anyone who has information or can identify these suspects to please call Crime stoppers at 513-352-3040.

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